Create Your Blog Post

Create Your Blog Post

Decide what you want to write about; depending on what your website wishes to cover and what you want your audiences to know, determine the core theme of the things you wish to cover in your blog post

Also, establish a word-limit for your post and spend some time thinking about the different things you will dedicate time and words too.

Also, determine a structure for your blog post; make sure that you understand how important it is to correctly structure your blog post in order to keep readers engaged and attract more people to your post.

Also, make sure that you understand the type of audience you are writing for; this means making sure that the difficulty level of writing, as well as the technicalities and complexities of what you are writing, are presented in the blog keeping in mind the type of people that will read the blog.

Also make sure you understand the SEO requirements of your blog post and the different headings, keywords, and SEO techniques you need to use in order to ensure that the blog post you write attracts the most viewers.

Setting the Post Up

Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the ‘Posts’ tab to view previous posts and options to post new content.

Click on the sub-tab that is titled, “Add New” to add new content in the form of a blog post.

Fill in the blanks listed out on the new window that opens, and this means making sure that the title, content, headings, and keywords are correctly placed.

Review and preview your blog post once you have added all content.

End with publishing the post and taking a look at the homepage and/or sub-page of your website that has the blog post uploaded.

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