What is Muncheye and How To Make Money Using Muncheye?

What is Muncheye.com?

Muncheye.com is a Launch calendar of all the products that will launch on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

Every day there are launch of products on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus. If you want to become an affiliate of these products and promote them, you need to ask for the approval to the vendors of these products.

You can always browse the product launch platforms like JVZoo and warrior plus and ask for the vendors approval. But what if you want approval for the products which are going to be launched. How will you know which product launch is happening in the next couple of weeks?

Muncheye.com is useful here. It is a Launch calendar of all the products going to be launched on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

For an example, you want to promote a launch. Browse and click on the product link you want to promote. This will take you to details page and here you can see the product details. Like launch date, launch time and then how much commission you will get, what is the front end price and you need to click on the JV page link.

It will take you to the products JV page where you can go through the details. Find the link for JV approval, which on clicking will take you to JVZoo or Warrior plus. Here you can request for the approval.

Go through the following video for a better understanding

Here is another video about muncheye

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6 comments on “What is Muncheye and How To Make Money Using Muncheye?”

  1. Thanks, for the information...I am just starting my online journey...looking at the Industry...read a lot of reviews etc...I have a Niche Product...will contact You in the near future...planning steps best suited to my direction e.g New Website etc...regards Woody!

  2. I am interested also in making money online.... I need to know everything about muncheye.com and how does it work.

  3. Am from Nigeria in west Africa, Can I make money from this. Also will they pay through my local account if I do not have PayPal account?

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