Top 10 PLR Profit Models

1.   List Building Profits:

Following the Self Liquidation Offer blueprint, you drive traffic to an optin page including your PLR lead magnet, and after a prospect opts-in, he is offered an option to make a purchase (could be PLR too).

2.   Fast Cash Profit Model:

This works if you already have a list or a social media audience. All you have to do is flip a good quality PLR product 'as is' and recommend it to your audience. You just say "I went through this special report about ______, and it was so good that I got the white label license so I could share it with you"...

3.   Firesale Profit Model:

2 to 4 times per year come with a Limited Time Firesale where you stack a number of valuable products (rebranded PLR) for an irresistible price. Works well for tools, graphics, apps and templates as opposed to Info products.

4.  Product Launch Profits:

Use the JVZoo/WarriorPlus platforms. Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course for the Front End offer. Alternatively offer a white label software as the front end offer. The secret is to source that white label software OUTSIDE of the IM space. There are a ton of software companies that offer a white label option for their products. Offer as upsells templates that enhance the front end offer, a developer license if your main offer is software and live training workshops.

5.  Funnel Profits:

Start with a checklist or Cheatsheet (non PLR) to sell as the Front End offer and then build all your upsell options with PLR (Courses, Software, Templates, etc). This method will help you get affiliates on board.

6.  Membership Profits:

PLR is perfect for membership sites. Each month you can add a new set of Video Training, a new set of Graphics Templates, WordPress Plugins, etc. If the products useful and are relevant, your customers will stick for a longer time.

7.  Authority Profit Funnel:

When you plan to enter a new niche and want to build an authority presence in a short time, PLR becomes your best ally... Quickly build your blog, FB Group, create free reports, post articles on Medium by leveraging quality PLR content.

8.  Premium Training Program:

This is much simpler than you may think! Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course or webinar sessions workshops. Add worksheets, checklists, access to an exclusive Facebook Group (just for your product customers), and access to one or more Q&A live sessions with you.

9.  Offline Training Profits:

Use PLR to create live training programs and workshops for 10 to 16 participants and charge at least $600 for a full day. Get on board local influencers or professional associations (that have a big list of members) to get the traffic and endorse your offer and share the profits with them.

10.  Bonus Profits:

Please don't just get a ton of trash PLR from one of those monthly PLR sites and add 30 bonuses!!! This is NOT the way to do it. First of all, the bonus should be relevant to what you are selling or promoting, second it should complete the product, and finally, total rebranding is required.

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