4 simple steps to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels

When I started online marketing, I was looking for a simple process of setting a funnel that allows you to generate leads and earn money as an affiliate. After research, I realized that there are four simple steps you can take in your
business every single week to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels.

First, you need to research about websites related to products and affiliate marketing. After research, I found three good websites. Then research the products you need to promote.

Second, set up your promotion. You need to get your affiliate link, set up a squeeze page to collect leads, set up a thank you page with a gift or/and presell video, setup thank you email to welcome the new subscriber and finally set up followup emails to push and close the sale.

Third get traffic. You can use social media to promote your offers. Blogs and emails are one of the ways you can use to promote your offers.

The fourth step is to rinse & repeat the above steps.

I have compiled a free report explaining the steps mentioned above in details,

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