Copywriting Hacks For Appealing Content

Are you thinking of starting copywriting? We are sure you will do great once you go through the principles required, and the skills needed to do well at it. We too have come up with a checklist of hacks that can help you create appealing content:

Starting Up

  • Before you start to write, set a word count that is proper.
  • Next, throw your assumptions away out of the window.
  • To learn what your readers want, poll them.
  • Write good headlines for appealing content in your copywriting. Do this by:
    • Adding numbers.
    • Add in beneficial adjectives like useful, quick, new, affordable, pleasant and cost-effective.
  • Make use of clear subheadings in your copywriting. Subheadings are important when readers scan, content to see if the material is worth spending time on. Write good subheadings by:
    • Asking questions.
    • Adding quotations.
  • Try to mix in quotations and questions rather than using one only.
  • Write a compelling copy. Do this by providing support for the claims you make with data and statistics.
  • Make use of the “Socratic method” through which you will provide readers with three statements they will agree on instead of giving three questions to instill critical thinking.
  • Make use of active verbs. We also call these words as power words.
  • You can also use negative metalanguage to win an audience. Use a technique of fear triggering people into action.

More Tips

  • Make use of short paragraphs to hold the attention of your reader.
  • Try to keep the paragraphs of about 3-4 lines long.
  • Divide your content with the use of subheadings. Each subheading should provide the gist of what we elaborate in the section.
  • Make use of facts and figures.
  • Last, avoid grammatical errors and mistakes.
  • Make use of tools like Survey Monkey to carry out surveys for you in a snap.

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