What is Webtalk and how you can earn money with Webtalk

What is webtalk

Inroduction, What is Webtalk?

This article is about Webtalk app. Webtalk is a social media app. 

Webtalk is a revolutionary change in social networking, web content generation and sharing, and business development.

Webtalk is a better way to build relationships and run your business. Personalize your content with the Magic Newsfeed. Earn rewards for engagement, great content, and getting more followers. Then redeem points for cold hard cash paid monthly into your bank account. They’re changing how we create and connect online with everyone on Webtalk. If you want a better way to build relationships, get discovered, and earn money while doing it — join Webtalk. 

Quick Webtalk Review

Webtalk is the single app that gives you instant access to your social media, relations, and business. With our magic newsfeed, it brings everything in one place with a beautiful display – for social media, relations, and business.

Webtalk has a great consolitation feature. Personal and professional networking consolidated, yet segregated, to maximize the value of your relationships.

You can showcase yourself and be discovered for opportunities. Find talent recommended by your peers, and people with similiar interests.

You can use Webtalk to post to your other social sites. Maintain your relationships and build your brand while saving time.

Webtalk is a socialCRM. Universal personal, professional, and business contact management to seamlessly manage all of your relationships in one place

You can earn points for engagement, great content, and referrals and earn money online, which is paid monthly to your bank account

Through the Webtalk Foundation, 10% of all profits will be donated back to charities in the countries where the profits were generated

Join the first all-in-one networking platform built to power the gig economy and help you create more success.

How you can earn money on webtalk

Webtalk Rewards pays you for when you read posts, view profiles, and when your posts are read by others. It is these actions that result in ad impressions and ad clicks that are tracked and reward points that convert to cash.

Each ad view and ad click is unique and awards different levels of points based on what the advertiser is willing to pay for the ad impression and the ad click based on who is viewing/clicking the ad.

As a result, you may earn more points from different members even on the same post.

Advertisers pay based on the viewer’s/clicker’s demographic, location and other variables to determine if you are their target customer.

While it is possible to earn points just from reading posts, viewing profiles and navigating throughout Webtalk, it will be members with large active followings who are posting quality content that receive a lot of views who will earn the most.

Think of it this way, you can view 100 ads per day, or you can have 100 followers view one post of yours per day to get the same number of ad views.

This is why building up your Webtalk following and sharing great content that your following wants to see is the best thing you can do to earn points.

Personal photos and videos shared (with you in them) always get the most views in all social platforms.

No matter if you are sharing family photos, or a personalize how-to video, or a professional achievement, they will consistently help you to generate the most points.

Inviting people you know in real life to follow you on Webtalk will also increase the engagement on your posts.

Now people who are building up a real following on Webtalk and sharing quality content that gets engagement are the ones who will earn the most.


Right now is a land grab in Webtalk. Webtalk members are grabbing their handles (user names), completing profiles, gaining followers, building referrals, and locking in bonuses for rewards program. This is simply because the members who do will have the biggest opportunity to build a substantial passive income for life through Webtalk’s Rewards program. 

Future of webtalk

As posted by Webtalk Founder, Webtalk team plan to debut the soft launch of iOS & Android apps early 2021. 

Once apps have been launched will turn their focus on launching their new Rewards app. 

After the release of new Rewards app, they will move to quickly launching all of other final social tools such as Native Video, Groups, and Pages for Business & Entertainers. 

Once these are completed, focus on increasing monetization, which means self-service ads, enhancements to PRO feature packages, Webtalk Swag, Webtalk Travel & Webtalk Marketplace. 

They intentionally left all of their most viral and most heavily used tools for last in their development cycle to control the speed of their growth and to have enough time to test out all of our proprietary technologies such as contact manager, newsfeed, universal profiles and rewards program. 

Each of these are first-of-their-kind software products that required significant testing to assure they are done right. 

These tools are also the foundations to which all new technologies will be built upon. 

After the Rewards app, the biggest custom tech project they have is their proprietary Groups platform. 

With LOT of great ideas on how they can make webtalk Groups better than all other platforms. Some of those ideas are “Groups-On-Demand”, “Clubs” and “Eventwave” our Events-On-Demand platform. 

The bottom line is webtalk is building technology to help you consolidate, organize and manage all relationships under one roof, sharing up to 50% of all revenue with webtalk members and donating 10% of profits to charity. 


Webtalk is a new social platform for you to better manage your relationships. 

Use Webtalk for personal life by keeping track of all people who matter, and to build stronger relationships. 

Use it also for business by creating your own profile on our platform, and connect to brands and other individuals for a better relationship management. 

Webtalk is building an ecosystem where users share and engage with quality content through the Magic Feed.

Builderall Cheetah Website Builder

Cheetah Site Builder


Online marketing is a bunch of tricks and tactics that if done right can help you get more visitors to your site.

There are hundreds of strategies that work, but it’s been difficult for most marketers to implement all of them because there was no software to automate the process.

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there’s often a question asked, and the question is how many websites can you really build with buildeall’s cheetah website builder, and the answer is going to surprise you.

It’s unlimited

Unlimited Pages

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Site settings, SEO and script

Cheetah site builder gives you more than just the power to unleash your creativity.

It also gives you the power to drive traffic to your website through the use of site settings, SEO, and scripts.

In “site settings” you have access to all the different settings like general settings, SEO settings where you can go in and enter keywords your meta tags, your robots, your ads, etc.

Script settings where you have the options to enter scripts, script pixels and script analytics.


a clear and effective way to generate followers’, subscribers, opt-ins is to incorporate pop-up options.

With cheetah site builder you have the option to easily set up pop-ups that help grow your following and or to promote your products and services.

Membership Area

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Build your websites, pages, and funnels with the super-easy 100% Drag-and-Drop Builderall Cheetah Site Builder.

Build your websites, pages, and funnels with the super-easy 100% Drag-and-Drop Builderall Cheetah Site Builder. Easy to build websites and landing pages which works on any device, and are the fastest pages on the internet.

Each website built in cheetah can range from a single website page that holds all of your content, or you can create a website that holds your content with the use of unlimited pages.

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