Create Your Blog Post

Create Your Blog Post

Decide what you want to write about; depending on what your website wishes to cover and what you want your audiences to know, determine the core theme of the things you wish to cover in your blog post

Also, establish a word-limit for your post and spend some time thinking about the different things you will dedicate time and words too.

Also, determine a structure for your blog post; make sure that you understand how important it is to correctly structure your blog post in order to keep readers engaged and attract more people to your post.

Also, make sure that you understand the type of audience you are writing for; this means making sure that the difficulty level of writing, as well as the technicalities and complexities of what you are writing, are presented in the blog keeping in mind the type of people that will read the blog.

Also make sure you understand the SEO requirements of your blog post and the different headings, keywords, and SEO techniques you need to use in order to ensure that the blog post you write attracts the most viewers.

Setting the Post Up

Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the ‘Posts’ tab to view previous posts and options to post new content.

Click on the sub-tab that is titled, “Add New” to add new content in the form of a blog post.

Fill in the blanks listed out on the new window that opens, and this means making sure that the title, content, headings, and keywords are correctly placed.

Review and preview your blog post once you have added all content.

End with publishing the post and taking a look at the homepage and/or sub-page of your website that has the blog post uploaded.

How To Do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of maximizing and optimizing web pages individually so that they reach a higher rank and earn the most relevant traffic in the search engines. Here is a checklist about how you can do your on-page SEO:

The Very Basics

Acquire a proactive approach.

Start by searching the SERPs. Enter some keyword related to you and see what comes.

Examine the first few results and see what is going well, e.g. the URL, title or the featured snippet.

Look for any gaps you can fill. Find content and questions that aren’t being answered in the results and create content accordingly to get a higher ranking.

Keyword Research

Identify your primary and essential keywords.

Understand your target market and niche.

Figure out their demographics, interests and requirements.

Next, segment your market into smaller sub-groups based upon the various demographics, interests and needs.


Pick URLs that are short, clean and easier to read and understand.

Google’s algorithm prefers URLs with 3-5 words only.

Make sure your URL contains the primary keyword and an accurate portrayal of what the page is about.

This way; Google will be able to crawl your page effectively.

Make Money Online As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone’s company, business or other work on your site; and you earn a commission of each sale they make. Want to become an affiliate and make money online? Follow the instructions and steps given in the checklist below:

The Basics

Choose your niche following something you are passionate about which will make it more enjoyable.

The top niches with most available products are Make Money Online, Investments, Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Self Improvement.

Choose your niche following something you are passionate about which will make it more enjoyable.

The top niches with most available products are Make Money Online, Investments, Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Self Improvement.


Decide on the type of content you would like to create and how often you will create content.

Upload videos to Youtube and other video sites

Create blog posts relating to your topic of interest.

Decide on the type of content you would like to create and how often you will create content.

Upload videos to Youtube and other video sites

Create blog posts relating to your topic of interest.

Earning With Affiliate Marketing

You can monetize your website, social media profile and videos in various ways.

Create your own E-commerce Store and sell digital products.

Find Make Money Online Products on JvZoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank

Find Affiliate Products in Other Niches on Clickbank and CJ Affiliate.

You can monetize your website, social media profile and videos in various ways.

Create your own E-commerce Store and sell digital products.

Find Make Money Online Products on JvZoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank

Find Affiliate Products in Other Niches on Clickbank and CJ Affiliate.

Getting Traffic To Your Links

Share your links on Social Media

Run a Google Adwords Campaign to your site

Run a Facebook Ads Campaign to your site

Ask friends and followers to share your site.

Run online giveaways and contents.

Share your links on Social Media

Run a Google Adwords Campaign to your site

Run a Facebook Ads Campaign to your site

Ask friends and followers to share your site.

Run online giveaways and contents.

3 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing

Create & Activate Your Accounts on the Top Affiliate Networks

Create a JVZoo Account

Create a Warrior Plus Account

Create a ClickBank Account.

Getting Approved To Promote Offers on JvZoo & Warrior Plus

Visit the JV Page and check to see if contact information is available.

Add the product creator as a friend on Facebook if available.

Apply for approval putting in the request box that you’ll be creating a bonus page and if you are new, say that you are happy with delayed commission.

Message the product creator on Facebook saying you’ve applied would love to promote and if you’ve any questions to ask.

Once you reach 50+ sales on any of these networks most product creators will approve you on instant commission.

Visit and apply for approval to promote any of our products. If you put IM Checklist Customer in the request box, you will be approved.

The Perfect Promotion

Find A Suitable Offer To Promote

Get Your Affiliate Link

Create A Squeeze Page

Create A Bonus Page & Review Video

Create A Welcome Email

Create A Blog Post

Upload The Video To Youtube Sharing Back To Your Blog or Bonus

Share Your Squeeze Page on Social Media before launch and one the first 2 days.

Run Facebook Ads to your squeeze page to using new interests.

Run Facebook Ads directly to your bonus page is retargeting

2 Hours before launch is live email everyone on your list informing them about your review and bonus.

Once live email everyone with a link to your bonus page.

After 8 hours email unopens with a link to your bonus page.

The next day email everyone again with a reminder.

When the launch is close to finished (24 – 48 hours) share your bonus page on Social Media.

When the launch is close to finished include direct links to the offer along with links to your bonus page inside the email for those ready to purchase.

With 6 hours left in the launch email every one final chance to grab it with your bonus.

How To Use Promotional Emails Provided by Product Vendors Effectively

Product vendors provide email swipes for reference. Don’t just copy and paste email swipes!
Some of the content may not be 100% accurate so you will need to check this.
Remember there are probably a lot of other marketers that have copy and pasted the subject lines and email content so yours won’t be any different. So, it’s better to write your own unique emails using the information you’ve gained from actually going through or using the product yourself and maybe some key benefits from the sales page and email swipes but written in your own words .

If you do copy and paste any content then paste it first into a notepad or word doc to remove any formatting.

When writing your emails make sure that you use a name within the first line of the email.

“If you do have the name of all your email subscribers then you may want to use the name prefix in your email but if you do not have all of your subscriber’s names then you may want to include your own name for example;
Hi, Mark Laxton here and I just want to….

Then you can start off with building some excitement, such as telling them how you have found something that everyone’s talking about or you’ve been given exclusive access to something that you want to share with them before everyone else find’s out about it.

Remember you need to grab their attention straight away so they want to continue reading your email

Then you may want to add a brief description of who created the product and the results they had with it, these results should be just what your reader is looking for themselves.

The more attractive this sounds to them then the more likely they are to continue reading and go and check out the offer

Then go into a little more detail into what’s in the product

not how many videos and pdf’s but more like this… “In the members area, he walks you through the exact process he has taken to achieve (results they want) and provides step by step videos that you can easily follow to achieve the same results.

You could also mention that you have followed these steps and you have already started seeing results in your own business within a short time.

Generally, it’s not always good to include the price of the product within the email, let them go check the offer and find the price themselves. Sometimes the price could put them off whether it’s too high or too low before they’ve even gone and checked out the sales page and found out more information

If you do want to include the price and some kind of incentive then you can use scarcity in your email.

You could then mention how this kind of training is normally worth ($$$) but for the next 24 hours he’s almost giving it away and you can get it for only $7 but after 24 hours the price will be increasing to $27>
(adding scarcity by letting them know that the low price is only for a limited time will help and in many cases, you will find a timer or a limited number of copies on the sales page

You may also want to offer them a bonus to incentivise them to buy through your link, this might be a free pdf that’s relevant to the product you’re promoting or something else that will help them achieve the results they want.

Do not do as some affiliate do and offer $7,000 worth of PLR material on all different areas of your niche in addition to them purchasing a $7 offer.

That much material will not necessarily help them and may in fact just distract them and hinder their progress.

Include a P.S underneath where you sign off with your name.

The P.S can include something else that might give them more incentive to take action and go and check the offer or purchase right away or if could be something that encourages them to keep an eye out for your next email.
You may want to include a link in your P.S but remember this could reduce the number of people clicking on the link to see the offer which may reduce sales or it may catch those people who aren’t interested in the offer but may be interested in something else, so use it wisely.

Once your email is complete, it’s a good idea to use some kind of spell checker and proofread it to make sure it all reads ok before you send it.

Then write or paste your email into your autoresponder.

Format your email so that it’s easier to read.

This is easily done by shortening the length of the lines and adding paragraph breaks so that it’s readable in short bite sized paragraphs.

When an email contains paragraphs of 3 or more lines it can look like a lot to read, especially on a mobile phone and this can put people off if they are busy.

When you write or paste your email into your autoresponder remember to hyperlink your links in your email.

Go and grab your affiliate link.

Link tracking

Tracking your links is always advisable as you can then see how many clicks you are receiving and how it’s converting.

Once you have your affiliate link you can enter it into the link tracker that you have chosen to use, this will also help cloak your affiliate link so that it’s shorter and doesn’t look like an affiliate link and then you can use that new link as the hyperlink in your email.
There are many different link trackers to choose from so it’s just a case of Google searching and finding the one that you like most.

Subject lines

Next add your subject line

It’s well worth taking your time to think of a subject line that catches someone’s attention and makes them want to open your email.
Your subject line could be just 1 or 2 words such as “Thank You” or it could be a longer subject line such as “You’ll never believe who I’ve just seen in my local supermarket…”
Both of these subject lines leave someone thinking…
Thank you for what? 
Who have you just seen?
Either way they have to open the email to find out, then your email can tell a story or talk more about why you’re thanking them for any number of reasons.

Test your email

Once your email is complete then it’s highly advisable to test your mail and the links within it. You can do this by sending a test email to an email address you own and you may want to create a few different email addresses on some of the most common free email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.
This way you can check if the same email is being delivered to the inbox or spam folder in each of your accounts.

Schedule the email to be sent as a broadcast on a specific date and time or you could send it straight away depending on the launch date of the product you’re promoting.

Test your emails and conversions by sending them to smaller lists rather than your entire email list if you have a large list. If you have good conversions then you can email the rest of your list.

Get More Leads From Social Media Profiles


1.   For this you have to open the YouTube app and get signed in to your account.

2. Now, you have to click on the Menu button present at the top of the page.

3. Find a button that says “My Channel.” Select this option.

4. Now, you’ll see an option of “Customize Channel.” Click on it.

5. After this, you have to click on the Menu button again. It will drop down, and you have to select the option saying “About” now, present on your channel page.

6. Take your mouse to your channel’s old description and select that pen icon present at the side of it.

7. Now, update your channel bio, by adding the URL of your website there and hitting the Update button.

8. After all this, tap on the Done button to save changes. Here you have your updated YouTube Bio.


1. Open your Facebook App and login to your account first.

2. Now, from your News Feed, you have to tap on your Profile picture present on the top left corner of the page.

3. Simply, tap on the About button.

4. Tap the “edit Description” section from there and change your About settings.

5. Add your website or blog URL to your bio and Select an audience to which you want to show your updated bio.

6. Lastly, tap on the Save button. And you Facebook Bio has been updated successfully.


1.  For Instagram, open your app and log in to your account.

2. Tap on the Edit Profile option on your account’s front page just below your bio.

3. In the Bio section, paste your site’s URL and tap the Done button present on the top right corner of this page. Now your site’s link has been successfully updated to your Instagram bio.

4.  Now for Twitter, open the app and get logged in to your account.

5. In the Tweet Section, paste your URL and tap on Post Tweet

6. Your site has been successfully promoted on Twitter now. And you can do the same with all other social media sites!

Setup A New WordPress Site

Installing WordPress is a straightforward process.

Before installing the WordPress on your webhosting site, you need to add domain name to your webhosting site. In my case, I am using SiteGround and GoDaddy.

I recommend SiteGround for hosting, since it is fast, secure and have outstanding support.

Web Hosting

Watch the Video below to see how to.

Installing WordPress

Inside your domain control panel (cPanel) search for WordPress. If you are using SiteGround, you will find it under cPanel WordPress Tools.

Click Install and choose the directory you would like to install your new WordPress blog. If this a new domain most likely you leave the directory blank so the blog will be installed on the Home Page. ( Enter your blog title and tagline. You can easily change this later. Choose a username and password. Do not use admin as the username as it’s easily hacked. Enter your admin email address which can be used to reset your password. Everything else is optional. Click Install.

Once installed you’ll be directed to your blog or a page with the login URL.

WordPress Setup and Settings

Log into your WordPress blog and go to updates.

Update any current plugins and themes. The trick to a hassle-free WordPress blog is a secure password and keeping your plugins and themes up to date.

Inside your WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Permalinks and change common settings to “Post Name”.

To change your homepage go to Settings > Reading. Here you can choose your latest blog post or any age you wish.

Themes and Plugins

There are thousands of plugins and themes for various uses. We recommend only install the plugins that you need. Installing dozens of plugins often leads to the website slowing down or causing issues.

Basic Plugins to Use

Install Free Elementor Hello Theme and Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor has a Free version of Theme and Page Builder Plugin, which is good enough to get started building your own WordPress websites.

Create a Home Page using Elementor Templates

It is very easy to start creating a home page using Elementor’s pre-designed templates. Just select the template you like and you are ready to go.

Upgrading to Elementor Pro

If you want to do digital marketing, create funnels do email marketing, then it is a good idea to upgrade Elementor to Elementor Pro as It has all the required elements for digital marketing.

Need Help To Setup a WordPress Website?

For $100 I will setup a full WordPress website for you within 48 hours.

Any website you need (can be a personal blog, photography portfolio, company website), I will make for you. If you’ve ever wanted a running website but didn’t know where to start, I’ll guide you through the whole process. We’ll hop on a call together and within 48 hours I’ll get your entire website up and running.

These websites are designed so:
–You can easily update them.
–They have a chance of getting ranked in search engines.
–You can send people your website link.

I am doing a very limited promotion of a flat $100 fee for this ENTIRE service. Many web developers charge starting at $125/hour, so this is extremely generous!

If you are interested, Please Message Me.

Also, If you know anyone that might want my help setting up an entire website, please tag them.

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