Copywriting Hacks For Appealing Content

Are you thinking of starting copywriting? We are sure you will do great once you go through the principles required, and the skills needed to do well at it. We too have come up with a checklist of hacks that can help you create appealing content:

Starting Up

More Tips

Top 10 PLR Profit Models

1.   List Building Profits:

Following the Self Liquidation Offer blueprint, you drive traffic to an optin page including your PLR lead magnet, and after a prospect opts-in, he is offered an option to make a purchase (could be PLR too).

2.   Fast Cash Profit Model:

This works if you already have a list or a social media audience. All you have to do is flip a good quality PLR product 'as is' and recommend it to your audience. You just say "I went through this special report about ______, and it was so good that I got the white label license so I could share it with you"...

3.   Firesale Profit Model:

2 to 4 times per year come with a Limited Time Firesale where you stack a number of valuable products (rebranded PLR) for an irresistible price. Works well for tools, graphics, apps and templates as opposed to Info products.

4.  Product Launch Profits:

Use the JVZoo/WarriorPlus platforms. Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course for the Front End offer. Alternatively offer a white label software as the front end offer. The secret is to source that white label software OUTSIDE of the IM space. There are a ton of software companies that offer a white label option for their products. Offer as upsells templates that enhance the front end offer, a developer license if your main offer is software and live training workshops.

5.  Funnel Profits:

Start with a checklist or Cheatsheet (non PLR) to sell as the Front End offer and then build all your upsell options with PLR (Courses, Software, Templates, etc). This method will help you get affiliates on board.

6.  Membership Profits:

PLR is perfect for membership sites. Each month you can add a new set of Video Training, a new set of Graphics Templates, WordPress Plugins, etc. If the products useful and are relevant, your customers will stick for a longer time.

7.  Authority Profit Funnel:

When you plan to enter a new niche and want to build an authority presence in a short time, PLR becomes your best ally... Quickly build your blog, FB Group, create free reports, post articles on Medium by leveraging quality PLR content.

8.  Premium Training Program:

This is much simpler than you may think! Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course or webinar sessions workshops. Add worksheets, checklists, access to an exclusive Facebook Group (just for your product customers), and access to one or more Q&A live sessions with you.

9.  Offline Training Profits:

Use PLR to create live training programs and workshops for 10 to 16 participants and charge at least $600 for a full day. Get on board local influencers or professional associations (that have a big list of members) to get the traffic and endorse your offer and share the profits with them.

10.  Bonus Profits:

Please don't just get a ton of trash PLR from one of those monthly PLR sites and add 30 bonuses!!! This is NOT the way to do it. First of all, the bonus should be relevant to what you are selling or promoting, second it should complete the product, and finally, total rebranding is required.

Get More Leads From Social Media Profiles


1.   For this you have to open the YouTube app and get signed in to your account.

2. Now, you have to click on the Menu button present at the top of the page.

3. Find a button that says "My Channel." Select this option.

4. Now, you'll see an option of "Customize Channel." Click on it.

5. After this, you have to click on the Menu button again. It will drop down, and you have to select the option saying “About” now, present on your channel page.

6. Take your mouse to your channel's old description and select that pen icon present at the side of it.

7. Now, update your channel bio, by adding the URL of your website there and hitting the Update button.

8. After all this, tap on the Done button to save changes. Here you have your updated YouTube Bio.


1. Open your Facebook App and login to your account first.

2. Now, from your News Feed, you have to tap on your Profile picture present on the top left corner of the page.

3. Simply, tap on the About button.

4. Tap the “edit Description” section from there and change your About settings.

5. Add your website or blog URL to your bio and Select an audience to which you want to show your updated bio.

6. Lastly, tap on the Save button. And you Facebook Bio has been updated successfully.


1.  For Instagram, open your app and log in to your account.

2. Tap on the Edit Profile option on your account’s front page just below your bio.

3. In the Bio section, paste your site’s URL and tap the Done button present on the top right corner of this page. Now your site’s link has been successfully updated to your Instagram bio.

4.  Now for Twitter, open the app and get logged in to your account.

5. In the Tweet Section, paste your URL and tap on Post Tweet

6. Your site has been successfully promoted on Twitter now. And you can do the same with all other social media sites!

Self Publishing Checklist

It’s no secret that having your very own book is a fantastic way to position yourself as an authority, celebrity and expert and also generate a boatload of passive income and/or clients…

But the actual process of writing, publishing, promoting and profiting from your very own self published book can be a downright nightmare.

Self Publishing Checklists Review – What is it?

You get these 18 checklists you can easily follow to go from thinking about writing a book to actually writing, publishing and profiting from one… or sell as your own product because of the PLR license:


Here’s everything that’s included:

You get following 18 checklists. you can easily follow to build a solid foundation on your online business… or sell as your own product because of the PLR license:

Book Planning Checklist

Go from not knowing where to start with your book to having a clear direction on what you’re book will be about plus also a roadmap for how you’ll profit from it.

Book Writing Checklist

Writing the traditional way is a long and tedious process but with this checklist we’ll cover what you need to know to get your book done faster than a politician makes excuses.

Book Cover Checklist

People do judge books by the cover but with this checklist you’ll know exactly what to include on your book cover to ensure it grabs attention and demands your reader to want to know more.

Book Publishing Checklist

Get the inside track to all of the ‘essential ingredients’ needed to take your finished book and get it published properly on all of the major book distribution platforms.

Book Marketing Checklist

Publishing is step zero – actually marketing your book is where the fun starts and with this checklist you’ll have a one page plan of attack to getting your book into your readers hands.

Createspace Upload Checklist

Here we walk you through step by step the process of uploading your book and publishing it on Createspace (Amazon’s publishing arm).

Lulu Upload Checklist

A step by step checklist for publishing your book on Lulu.

Kindle Upload Checklist

A guide on converting and publishing your book in Kindle format allowing you to reach millions of digital readers.

Amazon Advertising Checklist

A step by step walkthrough (with sample copy) on how to setup a profitable Amazon Advertising campaign.

Book Online Advertising Checklist

Advertising your book online is a fantastic way to get more readers and make more sales and this checklist will make sure you won’t miss anything when it comes to advertising your book online.

Giveaway Model Book Funnel Checklist

Giving your book away 100% free can be a genius way of generating boatloads of leads and here we cover what you should and shouldn’t do if using this model.

Free + Shipping Model Book Funnel Checklist

The free + shipping model is the book model to beat them all and it allows you to attract buyer leads instead of just normal leads. Here we walk you through the entire free + shipping book model.

Local Book Launch Checklist

Launching your book locally is a fantastic way to instantly become a local celebrity and with this checklist you’ll have plan for launching it locally – the right way.

Online Launch Checklist

Launching your book online is another way to get a LOT of book buyers fast and this checklist gives you a step by step plan on what needs to be done.

Book Lead Generation / Sales Checklist

You can generate tonnes of leads both online and offline with your book and this checklist covers the best methods to use to ensure you always have more leads than you can handle.

Book Backend Checklist

Your book should be the first step in your sales process and how to turn book buyers into high ticket sales is covered in this checklist.

Book Speaking Gigs Checklist

Speaking gigs, getting them and actually delivering them is so much easier when you’re a published author and this checklist gives you a plan for landing keynote speaking gigs.

Book Translation Checklist

Translating your book into a second language doesn’t have to be tricky. With this simple checklist you’ll know what to do and what not to do to get your book translated into multiple languages.

Personal experience

I have gone through whole training and checklists. I now know more about self publishing. I am loving it. Give it a try!

Self Publishing Checklists – Conclusion

This is the next best thing to having me show you how to get the best results online. These checklists come from over 10 years of online business experience, and you can get your hands on them today at a big discount.

What is Muncheye and How To Make Money Using Muncheye?

What is is a Launch calendar of all the products that will launch on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

Every day there are launch of products on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus. If you want to become an affiliate of these products and promote them, you need to ask for the approval to the vendors of these products.

You can always browse the product launch platforms like JVZoo and warrior plus and ask for the vendors approval. But what if you want approval for the products which are going to be launched. How will you know which product launch is happening in the next couple of weeks? is useful here. It is a Launch calendar of all the products going to be launched on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

For an example, you want to promote a launch. Browse and click on the product link you want to promote. This will take you to details page and here you can see the product details. Like launch date, launch time and then how much commission you will get, what is the front end price and you need to click on the JV page link.

It will take you to the products JV page where you can go through the details. Find the link for JV approval, which on clicking will take you to JVZoo or Warrior plus. Here you can request for the approval.

Start affiliate marketing today with this free platform.

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Here is another video about muncheye

Get paid to Socialise

Make money online with this simple affiliate program. Easy to signup and get started today.

Secret to Making Money Online

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Make Money Online With Blogging

Interests in blogs and blogging have increased rapidly and dramatically in recent years. Money can be made with a variety of ways; however, making money with blogging is lucrative. Once you learn ways to blog, you can make a living from it and express your ideas to the world.

Blogging can be useful if you want to supplement your income with more extra money or if you want to support a lifestyle for yourself; if you are ready to put in the effort, blogging can benefit you greatly.

 Setting Up Your Blog

Find yourself a blogging platform. We recommend using WordPress on a paid hosting account. We recommend SiteGround for hosting, since it is fast, secure and have outstanding support.

Web Hosting

If you are on a low budget you can use but long term this is
not recommended and your options are limited.

Use the platform to design, customize and develop your blog to give it the layout and feel that suits your niche. Keep things basic works perfect.

Creating Useful Content

You cannot become a blogger unless you create good content for your readers.

Define your goals and aims. These are the targets you want to achieve with the power of your writing.

Carry out some target market research, find a niche. A target audience can help you know exactly what you want to write about.

Ask yourself:

1) Where does your audience hang out online?
2) What sort of content is enjoyed the most?

Create a content calendar. You can do this at Airtable. Sign in with your email address and create a free account.

A content calendar can help you keep your content on top-notch and to publish it on time.

Earning Revenue with Blogging

You can make money by placing ads on your blogging site. Use CPC or PPC ads- these generate money with every click the readers give.

Use CPM ads- these generate a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

You can include affiliate links in your content. First, find yourself an advertiser who has a product to sell. Decide on a fixed commission that you’d get from each sale that results in due to your site.

The advertiser will give you an affiliate link, which will track purchases done through the link on your site.

You can include affiliate links in your content either directly or through banner ads.

A reader clicking on your link will earn you a percentage of what she purchased.

Writing EBooks, creating workshops, music videos etc. can help you earn on your blog as well.

3 Steps To Get Started Online

If you are getting started online, follow these initial 3 steps.

Domain Name Research

Visit and write down keywords that relate to what you would like to purchase. If this is your first domain and want to use for all around purposes such as your blog, landing pages, products and anything else you wish, pick something general. You only need one domain when starting off, or in many cases for life. It could be your name.

Here are a few keywords that you can add to your list in that are popular marketing works which will help you find a good domain.


Check that you are not including any branded or copyrighted names in your domain choice.Use to search. A common mistake is people using Facebook, Youtube or Amazon, Celebrity Names or Brand Names. Avoid this.

Search Google for your domain with and without spaces. We’ve learned this hard way in the past a few times. Between
adult sites showing up when we use LIVE in the domain and charity events, books for top authors and previous products we cannot outrank. Put the 2 minute in and do this search before moving forward.

Search Facebook using your chosen domain name without spaces looking for information that might put you off from purchasing that domain.

Use to see if that name is available on various social media sites.


Above are the most important sites when it comes to branding your business and exposure. It can be difficult to get all as there are so many Fan Pages, Twiter accounts etc so at times you’ll need to adjust the name. Think wisely or even use your name again.

Purchasing & Setting Up Your Domain

Visit and enter your domain name. I am using GoDaddy, you may use domain registrant of your choice like NameCheap.
Once you register your domain name,inside your GoDaddy dashboard click on Manage beside your domain name.
Under Manage DNS, You will see Nameservers, which you will need to change to the Nameservers provided by your hosting company.

Hosting Setup

Signup for any of the hosting service of your choice, I use siteground, it is fast, secure and have outstanding support. Once you signup update the Nameserver 1 and nameserver 2 inside GoDaddy. You may need to wait 24 – 48 hours for the domain to update to the new nameservers.

Web Hosting

3 Successful Ways to Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers everywhere are always looking for an edge to boost up their conversion rates and increase their commissions. If you’re hunting for the holy grail of affiliate marketing, then look no further. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference to your bottom line.

Take a look at these three ways for growing your affiliate business.

1. Build a Responsive List

There’s a huge difference between merely building a list and building a responsive list. Most every affiliate knows to build a list, but very few know how to create a responsive list of engaged subscribers. Check out these tips:

Set expectations upfront. Your lead page and initial emails should make it clear what your list is about and why subscribers should be opening every email you send. People are more engaged when you meet their expectations.

Stay in touch. You can’t build a relationship by dropping people a line once a month. You should be sending emails on a weekly basis at a minimum.

Give your best stuff. Make people look forward to opening your emails. Give them the same sort of stuff that others are putting in paid products.

Edutain people. Subscribers don’t want to read boring content, even if it’s useful, nor do they want to read entertaining fluff. So edutain them, which means you entertain while you educate. Use a light, conversational tone. Inject humour where appropriate.

Interact. Don’t make a monologue your sole communication channel. Encourage your subscribers to click through to your blog or social media pages to interact with you, discuss the issues and ask questions.

If you employ the above tips, then you won’t just have a mailing list of warm bodies, you’ll have a responsive list of people who click on your links and buy what you’re selling.

Next up:

2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

People don’t want to get their information from just anyone. Instead, they’re looking for a leader. They’re looking for an expert. They’re looking for an authority. That’s why you need to showcase your expertise and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Here are three tips:

Showcase your credentials. If you have credentials or a story that makes you an expert, flaunt it. This might include related awards, degrees, special qualifications and so on.

Land guest author and speaking spots. The authorities are the ones who are being interviewed on webinars or even on blogs. Submit proposals to talk radio, podcasts, and blogs in your niche to land these guest speaker spots for yourself.

Associate with credible others. When you create products or do webinars with other authorities in your niche, you’ll be seen as an authority too.

And last but not least…

3. Use Commission Gorilla

It’s no secret that adding value to an offer can boost your conversion rate. What many affiliates don’t know is that this strategy can put up to five times more money in your pocket over not offering a bonus. This strategy is a lot more powerful than many people think!

But this strategy also takes too much time. You need to know how to design web pages in order to create a good-looking promo page. You need to know how to code to do it right. It’s no wonder so many affiliates don’t bother with this powerful strategy.

So what’s the solution?

Use Commission Gorilla. This is an app designed by two super affiliates who wanted to build their own high-impact bonus pages fast. Speed is the key when it comes to affiliate marketing, especially during a product launch. With Commission Gorilla you can create bonus pages in as little as a few minutes (rather than hours or even days).

You don’t need design skills or coding skills. You don’t even need your own website.

Check it out for yourself here

Once you have Commission Gorilla, you won’t have any more excuses for not offering bonuses!

Choosing an Affiliate Network

To begin your affiliate marketing journey, it’s important to choose the right network for your business. We recommend when starting out to build up a reputation on one network. You’ll see why when reviewing the other checklists and when it comes to getting approved to promote. Saying this, it’s important to have accounts on all the top affiliate networks within your niche.

Internet Marketing Niche with Instant Pay Networks

Below are the networks which generally pay instantly direct to your Paypal account. All are free to open an account. Please note if you are new you can expect payments to be delayed for 30 – 60 days until you start making more consistent sales

Affiliate Networks Outside of the Internet Marketing Niche

Regardless what type of product you wish to promote, item, software or service you wish you promote, chances are there is an affiliate program for this, including hotels, food companies, software companies, gaming, health, crypto, other software, golf, dogs, music, etc, etc. Below is a list of the most reputable affiliate companies with tens of thousands of offers at your disposal.

Other Networks

When it comes to new and upcoming companies we look at a few important factors before deciding to promote their offers.

selection of offers

Look for a network which has a good selection of offers to promote. Less than 100 we would usually pass as it tells us it’s not a big network.


Instant payout terms is not always an option but you want to get paid within 60 days. Be careful in this case. If the minimum payout is $1000, can you make this amount on that network?


Is there a fast response from support? It’s very easy to contact and test.


How long do the cookies last? The longer the better but if only 7 days I would pass. Most programs offer lifetime cookie or 365 day cookie.


Are reputable brands and companies use this network? Seeing branded names and people you are familiar with is a good sign. Low quality products, sales page and if the general look of the site is bad, it’s not a good sign.

4 simple steps to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels

When I started online marketing, I was looking for a simple process of setting a funnel that allows you to generate leads and earn money as an affiliate. After research, I realized that there are four simple steps you can take in your
business every single week to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels.

First, you need to research about websites related to products and affiliate marketing. After research, I found three good websites. Then research the products you need to promote.

Second, set up your promotion. You need to get your affiliate link, set up a squeeze page to collect leads, set up a thank you page with a gift or/and presell video, setup thank you email to welcome the new subscriber and finally set up followup emails to push and close the sale.

Third get traffic. You can use social media to promote your offers. Blogs and emails are one of the ways you can use to promote your offers.

The fourth step is to rinse & repeat the above steps.

I have compiled a free report explaining the steps mentioned above in details,

Get The Free Report Now