What is Webtalk and how you can earn money with Webtalk

Inroduction, What is Webtalk?

This article is about Webtalk app. Webtalk is a social media app. 

Webtalk is a revolutionary change in social networking, web content generation and sharing, and business development.

Webtalk is a better way to build relationships and run your business. Personalize your content with the Magic Newsfeed. Earn rewards for engagement, great content, and getting more followers. Then redeem points for cold hard cash paid monthly into your bank account. They’re changing how we create and connect online with everyone on Webtalk. If you want a better way to build relationships, get discovered, and earn money while doing it — join Webtalk. 

Quick Webtalk Review

Webtalk is the single app that gives you instant access to your social media, relations, and business. With our magic newsfeed, it brings everything in one place with a beautiful display - for social media, relations, and business.

Webtalk has a great consolitation feature. Personal and professional networking consolidated, yet segregated, to maximize the value of your relationships.

You can showcase yourself and be discovered for opportunities. Find talent recommended by your peers, and people with similiar interests.

You can use Webtalk to post to your other social sites. Maintain your relationships and build your brand while saving time.


You have complete control of who sees your posts, with the convenience of sending a copy to your other social networks, and the ability to attach any type of media or file. You have just as much control over the news you see with built-in network, group, media, file and keyword filters.

All-In-One Profile

Your profile is a virtual resume, a news timeline, a photo gallery, a video gallery and a file gallery that is designed like a responsive website with loads of customization options to showcase you exactly how you want. All data is displayed based on its permission settings.

User Search

Inside Webtalk you can do quick searches for any user by name, job title, industry and keywords found within their profiles. Soon you will be able to search for businesses and entertainers with the launch of PAGES and advanced search tools are available with PRO.

Media & File Galleries

When you attach media and files to your newsfeed posts, Webtalk automatically stores a copy in your drive and posts a copy to your profile media and file galleries so the people who have permission to view them can find them on your profile any time. 


Pro premium features help the Webtalk users who want more ways to find and connect with other users. This service is great for dealmakers, entrepreneurs, recruiters, investors and even singles. It's the ultimate prospecting tool. Plus, annual subscriptions are 50% OFF for LIFE for a limited-time for all new members! 


Webtalk is a socialCRM. Universal personal, professional, and business contact management to seamlessly manage all of your relationships in one place

Assign your contacts to built-in personal and professional networks and groups, then add tags and notes that can help you find them later with the important information about them. You can also assign them to your inner or outer networks by giving them a value to see more or less from them.

Webtalk Cash Rewards

By simply using Webtalk, you can earn points that redeem for cash monthly. You'll earn points for engagement, creating popular content, and for your referrals to Webtalk. 

 The cash rewards program is 100% free, and available worldwide. Restrictions may apply.

You can earn points for engagement, great content, and referrals and earn money online, which is paid monthly to your bank account

iOS & Android Apps

Get a faster and more feature rich Webtalk experience when you download the iOS and Android mobile apps! You're be able to upload, sync and invite your phone contacts, find friends, and share content across apps. Plus, get real-time push notifications with all of your network's activity. 

Through the Webtalk Foundation, 10% of all profits will be donated back to charities in the countries where the profits were generated

Join the first all-in-one networking platform built to power the gig economy and help you create more success.

Join webtalk

How you can earn money on webtalk

Webtalk Rewards pays you for when you read posts, view profiles, and when your posts are read by others. It is these actions that result in ad impressions and ad clicks that are tracked and reward points that convert to cash.

To be eligible to earn reward points you need to complete the following tree simple steps which takes few minutes.

  1. Complete the profile.
  2. Enroll for rewards
  3. Link payment account

Each ad view and ad click is unique and awards different levels of points based on what the advertiser is willing to pay for the ad impression and the ad click based on who is viewing/clicking the ad.

As a result, you may earn more points from different members even on the same post.

Advertisers pay based on the viewer's/clicker's demographic, location and other variables to determine if you are their target customer.

While it is possible to earn points just from reading posts, viewing profiles and navigating throughout Webtalk, it will be members with large active followings who are posting quality content that receive a lot of views who will earn the most.

Think of it this way, you can view 100 ads per day, or you can have 100 followers view one post of yours per day to get the same number of ad views.

This is why building up your Webtalk following and sharing great content that your following wants to see is the best thing you can do to earn points.

Personal photos and videos shared (with you in them) always get the most views in all social platforms.

No matter if you are sharing family photos, or a personalize how-to video, or a professional achievement, they will consistently help you to generate the most points.

Inviting people you know in real life to follow you on Webtalk will also increase the engagement on your posts.

There are various income streams which are provided by webtalk. Few are live and few are on there roadmap.

With referral programm you can earn even more. Webtalk helps you with different ways to invite people.

You can also calculate the esitmated income with the income calculator which is provided in the app.

Now people who are building up a real following on Webtalk and sharing quality content that gets engagement are the ones who will earn the most.


Right now is a land grab in Webtalk. Webtalk members are grabbing their handles (user names), completing profiles, gaining followers, building referrals, and locking in bonuses for rewards program. This is simply because the members who do will have the biggest opportunity to build a substantial passive income for life through Webtalk's Rewards program. 

The people who are earning the most from Webtalk Rewards are the ones building their following up on Webtalk, posting great content daily, and inviting contacts to join Webtalk to grow their following, ultimately building a book of business with Webtalk Rewards while you are building up your audience in Webtalk.

You earn up to 10% of the revenue generated from your posts and when you invite your contacts they will earn 10% of the revenue generated from their content and so will you!

If your referrals upgrade to PRO you also earn 10% residual commissions for as long as they remain customers.

If you are one of the first 1 million to refer a PRO customer, you will automatically be awarded the 5-level bonus every month that you retain at least one customer referral. This bonus pays you 10% revenue share through 5-levels of referrals.

If you upgrade your own personal Webtalk account to a PRO account it does count as your 1-sale qualifier to earn the 5-level bonus. This is the fastest and easiest way to lock in the 5-level bonus.

Upgrade to PRO free for 7-days.

The new Rewards app, which is tageted to be released in March, will offer a new $5 sign up bonus for enrolling in Webtalk Rewards as well as a *$5 sign up bonus for all referrals, which will apply through 5-levels if you have earned the 5-level bonus. *Terms apply.

These bonuses will be retroactive, meaning if you have already qualified for them then they will be added to your Rewards account automatically.

Future of webtalk

As posted by Webtalk Founder, Webtalk team plan to debut the soft launch of iOS & Android apps early 2021. 

Update: WEBTALK APPS available now in Google play & Apple Stores!!
IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/webtalk-all-in-one-network/id1504489703
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.webtalk.mobile 

This is a soft release. Use webtalk id 7078044 is asked for.

Please don't forget to give 5-stars and a raving review to help get more downloads!

Once apps have been launched will turn their focus on launching their new Rewards app. 

After the release of new Rewards app, they will move to quickly launching all of other final social tools such as Native Video, Groups, and Pages for Business & Entertainers. 

Once these are completed, focus on increasing monetization, which means self-service ads, enhancements to PRO feature packages, Webtalk Swag, Webtalk Travel & Webtalk Marketplace. 

They intentionally left all of their most viral and most heavily used tools for last in their development cycle to control the speed of their growth and to have enough time to test out all of our proprietary technologies such as contact manager, newsfeed, universal profiles and rewards program. 

Each of these are first-of-their-kind software products that required significant testing to assure they are done right. 

These tools are also the foundations to which all new technologies will be built upon. 

After the Rewards app, the biggest custom tech project they have is their proprietary Groups platform. 

With LOT of great ideas on how they can make webtalk Groups better than all other platforms. Some of those ideas are “Groups-On-Demand”, “Clubs” and “Eventwave” our Events-On-Demand platform. 

They are also working to launch Pages for Businesses and Entertainers that will have the ability to enroll in their Rewards program as well.

Coupled with the launch of Pages, they will be announcing some major partnerships that will help make Webtalk the #1 networking app worldwide.

Several of top Webtalk Rewards members are well on their way to become millionaires through webtalks free Rewards program and the company is on a mission to be the first company to ever create 1 MILLION MILLIONAIRES with their limited 5-level bonus!

All it takes to create success in Webtalk is joining the free rewards program, switching all of your social activity to Webtalk, building a following here, and inviting everyone you know to join.

The earlier and faster you do this then the greater chance at success you have with their 5-level early adopter bonus.

Once they are the size of Facebook they project generating $3/mo in ad revenue per member on average, which means paying out $0.30/mo per member in commissions through 5-levels of referrals.

The question is do you want 1 person in your referral network or 1,000,000 people? ie. $0.30/mo in commissions or $300K/mo in commissions?

Webtalk and Webtalk Rewards are free and always will be. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They are literally giving away free money for those who are willing to take advantage of it.

If you make it a goal to invite just 1 person per day to join free, show them how to use Webtalk, help them enroll in the rewards program and invite their contacts, then It is assured that you will create success in Webtalk.

The Future Is Here... Work, Live, Play & Earn only in Webtalk!

This is why it is so important that you invite as many people as you can as fast as you can so you earn the referral credit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime to build a passive residual income for you and your family just for helping us grow our community.

The bottom line is webtalk is building technology to help you consolidate, organize and manage all relationships under one roof, sharing up to 50% of all revenue with webtalk members and donating 10% of profits to charity. 


Webtalk is a new social platform for you to better manage your relationships. 

Use Webtalk for personal life by keeping track of all people who matter, and to build stronger relationships. 

Use it also for business by creating your own profile on our platform, and connect to brands and other individuals for a better relationship management. 

Webtalk is building an ecosystem where users share and engage with quality content through the Magic Feed.

You can earn points for engagement, great content, and referrals and earn money online, which is paid monthly to your bank account.

Join Webtalk Now! (Webtalk ID 7078 044 if requested)

Top 10 PLR Profit Models

1.   List Building Profits:

Following the Self Liquidation Offer blueprint, you drive traffic to an optin page including your PLR lead magnet, and after a prospect opts-in, he is offered an option to make a purchase (could be PLR too).

2.   Fast Cash Profit Model:

This works if you already have a list or a social media audience. All you have to do is flip a good quality PLR product 'as is' and recommend it to your audience. You just say "I went through this special report about ______, and it was so good that I got the white label license so I could share it with you"...

3.   Firesale Profit Model:

2 to 4 times per year come with a Limited Time Firesale where you stack a number of valuable products (rebranded PLR) for an irresistible price. Works well for tools, graphics, apps and templates as opposed to Info products.

4.  Product Launch Profits:

Use the JVZoo/WarriorPlus platforms. Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course for the Front End offer. Alternatively offer a white label software as the front end offer. The secret is to source that white label software OUTSIDE of the IM space. There are a ton of software companies that offer a white label option for their products. Offer as upsells templates that enhance the front end offer, a developer license if your main offer is software and live training workshops.

5.  Funnel Profits:

Start with a checklist or Cheatsheet (non PLR) to sell as the Front End offer and then build all your upsell options with PLR (Courses, Software, Templates, etc). This method will help you get affiliates on board.

6.  Membership Profits:

PLR is perfect for membership sites. Each month you can add a new set of Video Training, a new set of Graphics Templates, WordPress Plugins, etc. If the products useful and are relevant, your customers will stick for a longer time.

7.  Authority Profit Funnel:

When you plan to enter a new niche and want to build an authority presence in a short time, PLR becomes your best ally... Quickly build your blog, FB Group, create free reports, post articles on Medium by leveraging quality PLR content.

8.  Premium Training Program:

This is much simpler than you may think! Start with a good PLR and turn it into a video course or webinar sessions workshops. Add worksheets, checklists, access to an exclusive Facebook Group (just for your product customers), and access to one or more Q&A live sessions with you.

9.  Offline Training Profits:

Use PLR to create live training programs and workshops for 10 to 16 participants and charge at least $600 for a full day. Get on board local influencers or professional associations (that have a big list of members) to get the traffic and endorse your offer and share the profits with them.

10.  Bonus Profits:

Please don't just get a ton of trash PLR from one of those monthly PLR sites and add 30 bonuses!!! This is NOT the way to do it. First of all, the bonus should be relevant to what you are selling or promoting, second it should complete the product, and finally, total rebranding is required.

What is Muncheye and How To Make Money Using Muncheye?

What is Muncheye.com?

Muncheye.com is a Launch calendar of all the products that will launch on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

Every day there are launch of products on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus. If you want to become an affiliate of these products and promote them, you need to ask for the approval to the vendors of these products.

You can always browse the product launch platforms like JVZoo and warrior plus and ask for the vendors approval. But what if you want approval for the products which are going to be launched. How will you know which product launch is happening in the next couple of weeks?

Muncheye.com is useful here. It is a Launch calendar of all the products going to be launched on the platforms like JVZoo and Warrior plus.

For an example, you want to promote a launch. Browse and click on the product link you want to promote. This will take you to details page and here you can see the product details. Like launch date, launch time and then how much commission you will get, what is the front end price and you need to click on the JV page link.

It will take you to the products JV page where you can go through the details. Find the link for JV approval, which on clicking will take you to JVZoo or Warrior plus. Here you can request for the approval.

Start affiliate marketing today with this free platform.

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Make Money Online With Blogging

Interests in blogs and blogging have increased rapidly and dramatically in recent years. Money can be made with a variety of ways; however, making money with blogging is lucrative. Once you learn ways to blog, you can make a living from it and express your ideas to the world.

Blogging can be useful if you want to supplement your income with more extra money or if you want to support a lifestyle for yourself; if you are ready to put in the effort, blogging can benefit you greatly.

 Setting Up Your Blog

Find yourself a blogging platform. We recommend using WordPress on a paid hosting account. We recommend SiteGround for hosting, since it is fast, secure and have outstanding support.

Web Hosting

If you are on a low budget you can use Blogger.com but long term this is
not recommended and your options are limited.

Use the platform to design, customize and develop your blog to give it the layout and feel that suits your niche. Keep things basic works perfect.

Creating Useful Content

You cannot become a blogger unless you create good content for your readers.

Define your goals and aims. These are the targets you want to achieve with the power of your writing.

Carry out some target market research, find a niche. A target audience can help you know exactly what you want to write about.

Ask yourself:

1) Where does your audience hang out online?
2) What sort of content is enjoyed the most?

Create a content calendar. You can do this at Airtable. Sign in with your email address and create a free account.

A content calendar can help you keep your content on top-notch and to publish it on time.

Earning Revenue with Blogging

You can make money by placing ads on your blogging site. Use CPC or PPC ads- these generate money with every click the readers give.

Use CPM ads- these generate a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

You can include affiliate links in your content. First, find yourself an advertiser who has a product to sell. Decide on a fixed commission that you’d get from each sale that results in due to your site.

The advertiser will give you an affiliate link, which will track purchases done through the link on your site.

You can include affiliate links in your content either directly or through banner ads.

A reader clicking on your link will earn you a percentage of what she purchased.

Writing EBooks, creating workshops, music videos etc. can help you earn on your blog as well.

Choosing an Affiliate Network

To begin your affiliate marketing journey, it’s important to choose the right network for your business. We recommend when starting out to build up a reputation on one network. You’ll see why when reviewing the other checklists and when it comes to getting approved to promote. Saying this, it’s important to have accounts on all the top affiliate networks within your niche.

Internet Marketing Niche with Instant Pay Networks

Below are the networks which generally pay instantly direct to your Paypal account. All are free to open an account. Please note if you are new you can expect payments to be delayed for 30 – 60 days until you start making more consistent sales

Affiliate Networks Outside of the Internet Marketing Niche

Regardless what type of product you wish to promote, item, software or service you wish you promote, chances are there is an affiliate program for this, including hotels, food companies, software companies, gaming, health, crypto, other software, golf, dogs, music, etc, etc. Below is a list of the most reputable affiliate companies with tens of thousands of offers at your disposal.

Other Networks

When it comes to new and upcoming companies we look at a few important factors before deciding to promote their offers.

selection of offers

Look for a network which has a good selection of offers to promote. Less than 100 we would usually pass as it tells us it’s not a big network.


Instant payout terms is not always an option but you want to get paid within 60 days. Be careful in this case. If the minimum payout is $1000, can you make this amount on that network?


Is there a fast response from support? It’s very easy to contact and test.


How long do the cookies last? The longer the better but if only 7 days I would pass. Most programs offer lifetime cookie or 365 day cookie.


Are reputable brands and companies use this network? Seeing branded names and people you are familiar with is a good sign. Low quality products, sales page and if the general look of the site is bad, it’s not a good sign.

4 simple steps to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels

When I started online marketing, I was looking for a simple process of setting a funnel that allows you to generate leads and earn money as an affiliate. After research, I realized that there are four simple steps you can take in your
business every single week to create new and profitable affiliate marketing funnels.

First, you need to research about websites related to products and affiliate marketing. After research, I found three good websites. Then research the products you need to promote.

Second, set up your promotion. You need to get your affiliate link, set up a squeeze page to collect leads, set up a thank you page with a gift or/and presell video, setup thank you email to welcome the new subscriber and finally set up followup emails to push and close the sale.

Third get traffic. You can use social media to promote your offers. Blogs and emails are one of the ways you can use to promote your offers.

The fourth step is to rinse & repeat the above steps.

I have compiled a free report explaining the steps mentioned above in details,

Get The Free Report Now